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Los Angeles takes over Park City

What is on everyone's mind this week?  


The fresh powder, new movies and talent washes over Park City. Sundance has a magical allure of movies, music, whimsical scenery and top notch lounges and parties. Arriving in Salt Lake City you take a quick (or long) uber ride (depending on snow) into the beautiful Park City. If your lucky enough to get a house or hotel within walking distance (remember you are walking through snow lined streets) your in for a week that you will never forget. 

Tips for the best Sundance:

1. All Resort or Super Shuttle offer rides from Salt Lake City Airport. Uber's tend to surge and you may end up paying $350 to get to the airport (normally around $50) or $70 to go a mile. 

2. Get your movie tickets early. 

3. RSVP ahead of time to the lounges, parties and clubs you plan on attending.

4. Get your cutest but warmest clothes ready.

5. Bring comfortable, waterproof boots and extra socks.

6. Mittens, hats and scarfs- yes please 

7. Dress in layers- think San Francisco dressing- ready for anything. 

8. A mile is a long walk in the snow and cold- it may be worth spending a little extra on accommodations to get right in the action.

9. There is a huge hill with stairs- if you have a house in the hills- train your legs and butt ahead of time so your ready for the hike.

10. Have fun- this is Sundance Baby!!  

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