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Hello, Bombshell 💗

Looking for volume and glam for your lashes? How about an artist that also brings a little glitter and glitz?  

Welcome to the Bombshell Beauty Bar in Los Angeles! Sabrina the studio owner welcomes you complete with a glitter wall perfect for the IG. From the moment you walk into the building you are surrounded by beauty, from the entry way, to the stairs leading up to the Bombshell Beauty Bar. Once you enter the studio, you feel surrounded by beauty fit for a true Bombshell.  The expansanive lash selection and Sabrina's knowledge got our lashes looking Bombshell approved 💗 

We love this Bombshell and are happy to let our LoveLusters know that if they mention LoveLustLA they will receive an additional 20% off posted prices 💗💗💗


Bombshell Beauty Bar 306 S Edinburgh Ave, Suite 10 LOS ANGELES, CA 90048 (310) 738-3625 


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