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Working Out in Los Angeles 💪🏼 Part One

New to LA?  Looking to shake up your routine?  Here is part one of our workout shake up.  

Have you heard of ClassPass? It’s this amazing app that lets you take classes all over!  It’s kinda like a genie in a bottle that you pay for.  

Here is a special link for $40 off your first month:

We do the 5 pack of classes.  It’s enough to change up your daily routine and give you that variety you have been craving!  

Now on to the good stuff💗

1. BeatBike

BeatBike offers Soul Cycle like rides, personal training, boxing and circuit training.  They have studios in the Valley and Hunginton Beach.  We love their cycling classes and roof top circuit training in the Tarzana Location.  Get ready to sweat LoveLusters 🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻 

2. UpFlying Yoga 

Ever picture flying high in the sky with the greatest of ease? Well now you can, thanks to Upflying Yoga.  The instructors are amazing, keeping you well informed while you grace the sky with your beauty 🤸🏼‍♀️

Love to Dance?  Make sure to check out the Upflying Dance classes, just make sure to take the new beginner yoga class first 🙈💖

Best news if you love it, you can also get certified to be a teacher here too🙌🏼 

3. Beach Bike Ride in Venice on The Strand 

You’re soooo LA- Yes, yes you can be! Grab your bikes and take it to the beach or rent bikes 🚲 and cruise The Strand.  

We love Jay’s Rentals!  From 🏄🏼‍♀️ to rollerstaking to skateboarding- they have it all! 

4. Dailey Method- Venice 

If biking The Strand didn’t wear you out, keep it going at Dailey Method Venice.  We love their Barre classes 💖

Not in Venice? Don’t worry babes they have studios from San Diego up to Santa Barbara.  Try it out today- your buns will thank you later 😂 

5. Hiking the iconic steps in Silver Lake

Grab your bestie!  We are getting our bums in shape!  The magical rainbow 🌈 colored stairs will get you off your couch in no time.  

Tips: Bring sunscreen & water 💦 

Located right by the Silver Lake basketball court or find our pic on Instagram for instant directions by clicking on its location 😍 

6. Unplug Mediation 

Time to unplug, relax and unwind?  Then this is your spot.  From healing chakras to finding positivity, they have it all.  Just make sure to arrive early, this instagram worthy studio will not only relax your mind but also give you where your next week of insta pics will be coming from.  🤣😂😅 

7.  Polar Cryotherapy 

Sore muscles?  Put them on ice!  Cryotherapy is sweeping LA by storm ⛈ 

That is, if you can handle subarctic temps for two minutes.  We went after a brutal legs day where Heidi was having trouble walking up the stairs to get in.  The result- muscles were instantly more relaxed and flexible.  Talk about results!!! 

8. Malibu Beach Run

Want to give your sneakers and bank account a rest?  Head to Malibu and take a run on the beach 🏖 With friendly lifeguards and surfers 🏄🏼 keeping your pace, you will be exercising not only your body but your mind.  

We finished our run at Malibu Farm, where the food and the view helps you appreciate that run even more! 

We love to be styling at the beach! Special thanks to !  Get our look today 👇🏻 

Use code “LILY” to get up to 50% off 😉 You can thank us later 🤣

9. Ocean Paddleboarding Yoga 

Feeling adventurous babes? Give Paddleboarding yoga a try!  Not only will it help improve your balance, it’s also a hot date destination right now.  So prepare, practice then show off to your hot crush your mad flexibility and skills.  He/she will be yours before you know it.  In a relationship, go together and explore Marina Del Ray or Newport Beach 🏖 

10.  Go take a hike!  Yes, really!!

With so many great places within LA you will be a hiking superstar after a vaca or moving here.  

Some iconic places are:

1. Runyon Canyon

2. Fryman Canyon 

3. Topanga State Park

4. Hollywood Sign Hike 

5. Griffith Park 

6. Solstice Canyon 

Have fun LoveLusters and live in the moment ❤️ 

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