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Love ❤️ Locks 🔒 LA

Want to plan a romantic date?  How about a girls trip?  Or just want to lock 🔒 up a moment in time.... head up to Runyon Canyon.  We bought 🔒 in advance but you can get them at any drug store or hardware store.  Don’t forget the permanent marker!  On your way up or down the loop from the N Fuller enterance (which has an honor system water and snack bar) you will find this metal fence filled with locks of Love, Happiness and Promises.  

Want to make it even more special- Plan an anniversary trip each month or year to revisit your lock.  In a new relationship?  Both hold onto one of the keys 🔑 and turn them into a necklace or key chain.  It makes a great conversation piece and will keep the memory strong in your minds 💥

Tune back in soon for more LoveLust things to do in LA and don’t forget your camera to capture the moment and the Hollywood sign ❤️🔒🔑

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