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Nail Envy? We found the Kure 💅🏻

Suffering from Nail Envy?  We found the Kure...Kure Spa that is...located in trendy neighborhood of SilverLake 💗  

Walking in your immediately greeted and welcomed into the Kure family with open arms.  Feeling thirsty?  Their mimosas are certain to relax you, just watch out for the killer massages 💆 at the end where you may start saying, “there’s no place like Kure, there’s no place like Kure”.

Fun things to try while you are enjoying your visit are the added aromatherapy essential oils in your pedicure and either a buff or gel for your manicure 💅🏻 

Kure Spa

2378 Glendale Blvd

SilverLake-Los Angeles


For more Kure, head over to our YouTube Vlog post:  Kure x LoveLustLA

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