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SkySpaceLA⚡️TimeOutLA ⚡️LoveLustLA⚡️

SkySpaceLA brings you mile high fun! From the slides, to the million instagram worthy photo ops this is a holiday must! Some of our favorites are the angel wings on the sky deck, the glass enclosed slide, the tunnel straight down and the Hollywood signs 💗

TimeOutLA is LA’s top go to for being in the know ⚡️ From parties to cool places and everything LA, we ❤️ creepin their page and seeing what’s happening!! This holiday mixer at SkySpaceLA brought fun, crafts, pic ops and more!  Greenbar handcrafted some of the most unique cocktails 🍹 

Our favorites were the Lemon Lavender Mule & the Walk in the Woods ⚡️Recipes below ⚡️ 

Read more on the event TimeOutLA

See our full review on YouTube: LoveLustLA ❤️ SkySpaceLA

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