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Feelin’ that Mojo 💜

What’s your Mojo?  💜💛💚💙 This amazing Kickstarter company brings the feels and the smells that accompany all day feels!

Aromatherapy is all the rage & LoveLustLA is loving these 90’s snap wrap bracelet throwbacks.  We’re feelin’ ya!  

Sarah’s favorite was the Inspired in a blue/green color.   Heidi’s favorite was the Blessed in a purple/blue color.  They also come in Energized in orange and Relaxed in blue.  Did you know the colors you assimilate with affect your mood?  So does your sense of smell!! We love these bracelets to calm, inspire & energize us all day long.  

Read up on Aravinda & their kickstarter page on Instagram and get on board with this fun inspirational company!  

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