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#TakeMeWithYou 🍸

Dining in the Obscure? Sure! @DiscoDiningClub  and @OurLosAngeles presented the first #takemewithyou outdoor dinner party inspired by elements, in Malibu, with a teepee bar & under the Gemini Super Moon 🌝....yasssss please!!! With the super moon in gemini and both LoveLusters being Twin Gems 💎 we were out in full force! That included our normal getting lost, trying to find the beautiful remote location. Once we arrived, driving through the amazing gated property @greatspiritsranch where rescued animals and free spirits call their home, we started our journey down to find the dinner party. Right away we were in L O V E! Literally. L O V E stopped us in our tracks!  

Walking down further we were greeted with smiles and treats (yummy 🔥 roasted treats)! 

While snacking on this amazing half coconut concoctions, we entered the ⛺️ bar! (yEs! A TeePee bar!!) 

We felt the energy of the moon 🌚 🌝 and the positivity of these two amazing companies coming together- and tasted it too through the yummy spiced holiday mules!! From the ⛺️ Bar, we moved down to the amazing outdoor dining experience, with a disco 💃 Our LA bottle shining the way!!  

The first in the #takemewithyou series was inspired by 🔥 and 🌏 The amazing chef 👨‍🍳 prepared each course better than the last and had our taste buds dancing 👯‍♀️ in excitement!

We ended the night with a tour of the property and cuddled by the firepit 💗

For our Vlog review Click Here

Photos By: @1390photo

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