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The Birdies Have Landed 🕊

Hello Birdie , ByeBye Germie!!  

There’s a pesky sickness going around LA, but we are fighting against it! 💪🏼😷 With these cute anti-bacterial hand sanitizers in shapes of adorable little birdies, complete with wipes stored in a little trap door for extra cleansing, we will surely win the battle! Bringing. These. Everywhere. 💙 Olika’s Birdies come in three lustworthy colors....Robins Egg, Eggshell & Charcoal. Heidi was loving the Tiffany Blue shade of Robins Egg while Sarah kept it clean and classic with Eggshell. Can’t decide which Birdie best accessorizes with your OOTD? Try the Birdie Bundle with all colors! These Birdies  may even last longer than your new relationship (sorry babes, sad but true). With almost 350 uses we may start calling our Birdies , our Baes😝...AND not only are these little loves sexy, but they are full of substance! 😉 With many organic & hand softening ingredients this Birdie makes our LoveList and earns our smooch of approval 💋 LoveLustTip: To keep your new relationship long lasting, don’t forget to keep your Birdie on lock!🔒 That is, when he’s not out showing off 🦅 

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