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Written in the Stars ✨

Feeling that March Madness ?? From Meditation to Spiritual Readings, we are diving into it all and bringing you the best of the best, to relax your mind, body & soul. 💛 With Mercury Retrograde coming up on the 23rd of this month, we want to ensure you babes have everything you need to stay grounded and channel your inner strength. As the saying goes, “it’s written in the stars”, or as we like to say it’s written in the cards.....and more specifically, Helen is the Moon’s cards. We first met Helen a few months ago at the Raw Artists event in Hollywood, A must for anyone in the art & fashion world. She instantly tuned into our energy and through her tarot cards. Now looking back through the gift of time, gave us incredibly accurate readings. We felt her energy to be hopeful, inspiring and caring. After much needed reflection time after a tarot reading, we realized just how much we needed another reading !! We invited Helen into our home, yes loves, she does house calls! Perfect for your girls night in on these rainy March evenings where staying cozied up at home in sweats is the only thing on our agenda. We also love that Helen is able to cater to corporate events and/or larger parties ✨. Helen arrived fully prepared with her own energy crystals, clearing sage & of course her cards. We each did our own reading and one for our company. It was a perfect way to channel the spirits and and see what is to come 🙌🏻💫. We created a safe, comfortable environment to sit, talk and welcome free flowing energies, while we brewed and sipped scared Japanese Rose Tea. If you are new to the energy & spirit world, don’t worry, it’s okay! Helen is warm and welcoming and there to guide you! Take a few deep breaths, and try to remain open minded, letting any anxieties or fears you may have subside while you tune in. Don’t worry, soon Helen will be like one of your besties who has priceless advice and endless knowledge 🔮💓 Helen is the Moon with your amazing energy you earn our smooch of approval 💋. Looking to experience? Helens rates are $80 for a 30 minute reading and $150 for a 60 minute reading* in the comfort of your own home 🏡 !! We also love Helen’s online community called 78 Reasons where you can start your spiritual journey in a welcoming environment.   *Prices May Vary

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