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Bring on the Heat 🔥

Okay babes, we came, we saw, and we CHILLED ❄️ but now it’s time to HEAT 🔥 things up!! We love the variety of services US Cryotherapy offers all in one location. From Cryotherapy to NovoTHOR® and LightStim® they have what every girl (or guy) wants & needs ❤️ to stay healthy & youthful !!  

We started heating things up with LightStim Multi-Wave® Patented technology. Laying down for 20 minutes of peace and relaxation while having warm light wash over our faces sounded like heaven to us, so we said YES, sign us up 😇 !! (Not to mention the plethora of skin benefits!) LightStim emits four wavelengths of light and combines FDA approved infrared technology that can effectively treat those fine lines & stubborn wrinkles. LightStim goes deep, like water sign boyfriend deep 🙈😂, to improve at a cellular level. 

What does this mean for you lovies? For starters, our favorite, the instant plumping effect! You’ll immediately notice a radiant glow- and honestly- a few years taken off your face. Seriously. We got compliments. Helloooo, you gorgeous fresh faced young thing!! So before your next hot date, we recommend a LightStim sesh, it’s smooch approved 💋 and a LoveLusty way to look and feel your best. 

With ongoing treatments you can also benefit from increased circulation & oxygen levels within your skin, accelerate healing, improve skin tone, and prevent wrinkles !! We immediately noticed an amazing glow and later that day actually got double questioned our ages when ordering wine 😅🍷🙌🏼. LightStim, you may just be our new best friend. US Cryotherapy also sells an at home, hand held LightStim device (on our #LustList) that’s perfect for us babes on-the-go or traveling!!

Moving from LightStim (targeted for the face) over to a full body experience called NovoTHOR®, we fully embraced & welcomed the heat 🔥❤️ As you enter your private NovoTHOR room you’re instantly greeted with a feeling of calmness; written on the wall are the words Relax & Unwind.. Yes babes, it’s literally a sign to do the above...As you lay down and pull down the top of the bed to your comfort level. We felt so nice and cozy!! We chose to complete our treatment in the buff, but you can wear a bathing suit or undergarments if you feel more comfortable.

US Cryotherapy has everything you need including eye goggles if you choose to wear them, towels to dry off after if you break a sweat and two fans to help keep you cool and comfortable during your treatment. The NovoTHOR room is equipped with Google Play to make sure your R&R journey continues with your music of choice, chill songs or dance party! 🖤🎧

NovoTHOR is a complete body therapy that is designed to redevelop muscles, restore motion in joints and bring an overall state of well-being. It’s excellent to combat anxiety and depression, and we left feeling zen, happy, and ready to take on the day🧘🏼‍♀️💪🏼. This is an extremely beneficial and convenient way to take in the good light vibes in as little as 8-15 minutes. We went in for the maximum amount of time, 15 minutes. 

NovoTHOR uses PBM Therapy (also known as low level light therapy) which is red and near-infrared technology to improve, repair and reduce inflammation and pain. We loved learning about this therapy and how PBM Therapy can reduce oxidative stress which can be an underlying trigger for most diseases and degenerative conditions. PBM Therapy can also help with obesity, better sleep, less stress and as previously mentioned, help with depression❤️

US Cryotherapy with your variety of services from ❄️ to 🔥, award winning genuine and friendly staff, Instagram worthy location, and plenty of filtered water for Sarah :p you earn our smooch of approval 💋 Maybe even two 💋💋 LoveLustTips: 1. Wear or bring comfortable underwear or a bathing suit 👙 (you can also just go in the nude if you forget or wantq to) 2. Talk to google to have her play your favorite jams while in NovoTHOR. 3. Bring relaxing clothes for after your treatments 🔥 4. Have fun!  

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