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Skin Laundry 🧖🏼‍♀️

Looking for a laser & light facial that fits your busy #BossBabe schedule? Look no further!! We discovered the most LoveLustWorthy 15 minute laser and light facial at Skin Laundry... and the BEST news? Aside from having zero downtime post treatment- is that your first Skin Laundry session is FREE!! That’s right babes, F R E E, complimentary, on-the-house, you try it you don’t buy it 😎🙌🏻 So the decision to come in and try it for yourself? Easy. Everything in life should be this easy. Thanks Skin Laundry, for just, getting it. 

Okay, SO, our skin was seriously glowing with excitement even thinking about it ... 💓🙌🏼 Oh, and for those of you not living in our beloved LaLaLand (...yet ;) ) You can jump for joy because Skin Laundry not only has six locations in Southern California, but many other convenient locations across the country, including five locations in NY, one in Scottsdale, and one in Chicago!! It’s all about getting you babes covered. 

Get ready for this game changer in the world of skincare: starting with Skin Laundry’s effortless online booking and check-in, you will never look at a skin service experience the same way again. Now to the good stuff! Upon walking in you are instantly welcomed by the clean, modern esthetic feel of Skin Laundry and after a quick touch screen check in, you are handed a complimentary purifying cleansing cloth to remove any dirt, oil, makeup, and/or stress that may have traveled in with you (these effective little cleansing cloths are also great for at home cleansing for those too-lazy to wash your face nights 🙈). 

Once your face is so fresh & so clean, clean, you’re guided back to a private room to start your laser & light treatment. You’ll have a brief conversation with an experienced, certified skincare genie ;) then you’re off to laser & light heaven😇. Don’t worry babes, there is No Downtime, Just Results!! Skin Laundry’s innovative 2-step facial uses a YAG Laser and IPL Light system, known as the gold standard in laser technology, to deep clean, brighten, release wrinkles, treat acne and stimulate collagen for clearer, younger-looking skin. 

Part one of your skin transformation starts with the the YAG Laser. We were a little nervous our first time, and if you are too, don’t worry babes! It’s only normal. You’ll feel the laser, a warm slightly tingling sensation, but it’s not painful at all. We love how the laser deep cleans, and leaves us with saying buh-bye 👋 to dirt, dead skin cells, debris, and excess oil. If that isn’t enough, this superhero of a laser also kills acne causing bacteria, reduces hyper-pigmentation AND boosts collagen. Skin Laundry 1, Skin Blemishes 0 🙌🏼💓

Step Two is the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). To prepare, your skincare guru will apply a thin coating of skin-friendly, ultrasound like gel on your face. This feels cool and totally amazing!! Next is the warm, tropical-feeling-like-a-vacation light 🌴 that fades away your sunspots, helps to get rid of any stubborn acne scars and broken capillaries on the surface of the skin, and destroys light-sensitive acne-causing bacteria before blemishes can have a chance of forming. Hello, smoother, brighter more youthful looking skin. 

After your dual treatments, the gel from the IPL is carefully removed, lotion with SPF applied to your skin and, viola you’re ready to take on the world again babe, but this time with a beautiful glow!! We instantly noticed a smoother complexion. Also, as mentioned, if you have any stubborn blemishes lingering around 💥🥊 Skin Laundry will help send them packing faster than you can ask us if we want to go to Cabo!!

Skin Laundry, with your effortless online booking, modern spa like vibes, knowledgeable & friendly skincare gurus on hand, and the best 15 min laser and light facial around, you earn our smooch 💋 of approval!!

LoveLustTips: 1. It’s easy. Skin Laundry has you covered whether you are coming from the gym or after a long day of work, with face cleansing cloths to post lotion & sunscreen!! 2. Plan a little time to shop before and after 🤷🏼‍♀️ With top of the line skin care lotions, toners, face wash, and even acne reducing silver ion pillow cases (one of our favs) plus their awesome face masks, they have your at-home- post- treatment shopping needs covered !! 3. Have fun & you may even bump into us there 😘❤️❤️

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