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Loving our Nu Skin 💫

Happy Easter Babes !! 🐣🐰  

We couldn’t be happier to bring you bunnies the best in at home skincare with results for dayyysss 🙌🏻 Yes, ladies (and gents) we are talking about the Nu Skin SkinCare line that is sweeping the nation. From lips 👄 to face masks they have it all!! Today we are hop 🐇, skip & jumping into three of our top picks, the Epoch Botanical Mud Mask, AP24 whitening toothpaste and Power Lips !! AND....don’t forget we are  giving away some of these products this week so stay tuned on insta!! 

Starting with our holiday favorite, the robins egg blue, Glacial Epoch Botanical Mud Mask. With over fifty botanicals making up this mask, it has the power to detoxify and simultaneously nourish your babe-tastic skin. With directly sourced mineral rich botanic mud steaming from the Pacific Northwest this all in one power mask, eliminates blackheads, blemishes and redness. We especially love to slather on this mask around those troublesome skin areas that peskily pop up every month, to give our skin a deeper exfoliation. Bye-Bye dead skin cells- Hello soft and smooth skin!! After removing the masks, we absolutely love how smooth our faces feel and how receptive our skin is to anti-aging serums and moisturizer 😘

From clear skin, to whiter, brighter teeth, we are keeping you LoveLusters covered as Spring approaches. Our little secret to our pearly whites is, AP24® Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste by Nu Skin. (Sarah has been seriously hooked for years) We love the vanilla minty taste that leaves our breath smelling as good as our teeth look!! AP24 has no bleach or peroxide’s, so it’s excellent for those with sensitive teeth! And, for all of our LoveLust Mamas, the toothpaste is safe for your little ones over the age of 2. We happily ditched our white strips & trays that caused our teeth to be extra sensitive and fully upgraded to this all in one toothpaste!! With results in as little as one week* that’s something we can Lust over!! If you’ve been searching for the perfect toothpaste like we have, consider your search over, this one is a keeper babes !! 😁

And finally, now that your skin is glowing and your pearly whites beaming, we’re moving on over to POWER LIPS 👄 We love these long wearing lip colors packed with avocado oil & bees wax and made without drying alcohol !! Sexy pouts & smiles commence !! The Power Lips names are sooo fun & sexy too just like your new kissy face selfies 💋🤳🏻 We love to pick our shade according to our mood! Heidi loves the shade Determined while Sarah loves Persistence & ROAR.  

Thank you so much Team 90210 for introducing us to the Nu Skin skincare & Beauty lines! 💓💓 Nu Skin, with your diverse and nutrient rich based product lines, you earn our smooch of approval 💋💄Check out all of the products HERE and keep entering all week to win some fabulous giveaways 🙌🏼🙏🏻 *Results May Vary

Some images courtesy of Nu Skin.  

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