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Athena Club 💞

It’s time! Men, please proceed with caution. 🙊 Yes, babes, that time when our jeans must have shrunk in the wash, chocolate & tissues become our best friends, we lose our phones while talking on them 🤣🙈 and don’t even ask us where the car keys are 🤷🏼‍♀️, oh and when that puppy commercial comes on on TV-😢more tissues please! Don’t worry babes it’s all completely natural due to a pretty little thing called hormones. What isn’t natural are some of the harmful chemicals & ingredients found in our tampons. 😔Yes, we said that correctly babes, these chemicals & ingredients include polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, and rayon. We were shocked, floored, and downright hurt to learn that many of our favorite big label tampon brands had these mystery chemicals and ingredients in them. So! It’s that time lovies, time to talk about women’s health and time to say goodbye to those nasty chemicals being allowed in our bodies for good !! 

We made the move to switch to 100% pure organic cotton tampons with no added chemicals or ingredients. We searched high and low trying to find the right fit (Goldilocks 👱🏻‍♀️ moment) And then all of a sudden like the Goddess she is, in comes Athena! Athena Club that is- the answer to our tampon prayers..... Athena Club 💯% Organic Cotton Tampons delivered right to your for only $5 a month plus shipping*. Yes, babes, we had to pick our jaws up off the ground too. No more running out in the middle of the night, ruining favorite undies or having that uh-oh feeling. What we found in Athena was so much more: Peace of mind, security, and reliability- who knew it was possible to find it all in one product !! No more period brain 🧠 mishaps.....well we won’t have to worry about having healthy and handy !! 😆 We all have forgotten to buy tampons when we’ve needed them most, joining Athena Club will puts an end to that added stress. We love how with Athena Club you can customize your order (we like having things our way 🙋🏼‍♀️). You no longer have to buy multiple boxes or those combo boxes where the sizes you don’t wear just fill up precious bathroom space (city girls like us can rejoice) !! We also love how Athena Club kicked the tampon box 📦 idea to the wayside and instead designed a sleek and cute pouch that’s perfect for us traveling babes on the go! Discretion is always key 🔑 We love that Athena Club offers 25% off your first order** and they also have an amazing referral program. Feel free to use our code LoveLustLA to get started and then create your own to have your girl tribe make the healthy switch to bliss. Period. Athena Club, you’ve certainly earned out smooch of approval ! 💋💋

*Prices May Vary **Offers May Vary 

Images courtesy of Athena Club 💗

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