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Alchemy 43 💁🏼‍♀️

Ready to experience the A43 Life? Alchemy 43 is an aesthetics bar specializing in microtreatments, and has a whole new take on beauty routines. We love this Instagram worthy beauty bar with two locations on N. Canon & W. Third St. and two more locations coming soon to Sunset & Montana. 🙌🏻 

Upon walking into this lovely and welcoming beauty zone, you’re provided with an array of complimentary refreshing beverage options to sip on while you fill out your required paperwork. Once you’ve finalized your iPad questionnaire and given your autograph, it’s time to head over to the “Pucker Up” room to get your mini 3D photoshoot on. Alchemy 43 recreates a real life multi dimensional photograph so you will see yourself as others see you, unlike the flat one-dimensional view we all see in our mirror reflection. It’s really cool. When the staff pulls up your photos you’re able to see you bone structure, your skin and like all of us babes, your perfect imperfections 💓The friendly and certified staff guides you through any concerns you may have and discusses any areas that you may like to specifically address; once your one-on-one with your nurse is complete, you’re the able to customize a package that meets both your budget and beauty goals. 💓 

Alchemy 43 offers B12 shots, collagen stimulation masks, magic Pimple disappearing shots, oxygen face treatments, micro-opening to microdermabrasion, Botox, Jevederm, Restaylne, Volbella, Kybella, Dermaplanning, Dysport & more. Alchemy 43 has everything you need to make this your beauty spa of choice.  

We went in for energy boosting B12 shots, which is perfect after you’ve been traveling (Like Sarah recently was, YAY, she’s back!) or if you’re just low on energy. We recommend taking a bestie with you if you’re afraid of needles like Heidi. Sarah was looking forward to the energy boost after returning from her flight and suffering from a little jet lag. We love Alchemy 43 and loved our added energy boost!! We will certainly be back to try out more of their services !! 

Alchemy 43 you earn our smooch of approval 💋 LoveLustTips: 1. Plan some time to ask any questions about your treatments or questions about future treatments 2. We learned that if your tinkle changes to a pink/red color after your B12 it could just be the extra B12 that you did not need being flushed from your system. 3. Make sure to use the smooch 😘 worthy ladies room  

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