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Coachella: Weekend One 🎡

Coachella: One of the most coveted music festivals in the world. Where tickets are harder to come by than a pair of Rihanna’s Helmut Lang ripped jeans (selling out in mere minutes after going on sale), the hottest headliners take the stages (7 stages actually), the fashion is nearly as important as the mind-blowing line-ups (outfit planning generally requires months of advance planning) and, where the steamy day parties and sexy after parties are just as much of an allure as the incredible line-ups. With all of the absolute magic happening and the world’s top models, actors, influencers and artists attending, some of Instagram’s most sought after content, is created. ❤️  

The festival is split into two weekends, Weekend One and Weekend Two. Weekend One kicks off festival season around the world and also happens to be known as THE weekend for those steamy, sexy, out-of-this-world parties that we mentioned above. Many countless hours are dedicated to the production of the parties as well as putting together those coveted guest-lists.  

This year, we had the opportunity to take on Weekend One: The Parties. Thanks to Hooch Black. The word “Hooch”, means “liquor”, and was a particularly popular reference back in the Prohibition Era, when the only access to libations was via Speak Easies... 😉😎 Fast Forward back to 2018...Now how to get on The List. So you too can go to those exclusive, best-of-the-best pre- & post-Coachella parties. Enter Hooch Black...🖤 Hooch Black is redefining festivals, events & travel around the world as an exclusive concierge service, and more importantly, are introducing themselves as a needed player in the coveted Coachella circuit. Neon Carnival, Anyone? CombsChella? All of the top parties? Yes, please!! 

Imagine having a personal genie 🧞‍♂️ (aka concierge), granting you access to all of the best, most exclusive parties & your favorite events (that were once on your wish list), while also saving you money while traveling 😍. Yes babes, there is a way! That’s the power of Hooch Black. Now you can have it all, the Love AND Lust. And you guys KNOW how we feel about that 😅☺️ The Hooch App also allows you to have one free drink a day at hundreds of amazing locations (so long post-festival blues). Cheers babes! And Hello to more girls nights! 😘👯‍♀️🍷 Hooch is a convenient to check out your cities newest hotspots and have access to all of the lust-worthy events while partaking in all of the fun ! 

We love how Hooch Black has inside access and is the hottest on-demand concierge service to ensure that your next event, festival, trip, and/or dining experience is one to remember 💗 LA babes can rejoice after downloading this awesome app 🤗

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