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Date Night? Rooftop Cinema Club Please !! 🎥 🍿

Right in the ♥️ of Hollywood, on the corner of Hollywood & Vine, high in the sky is a hidden gem, The Rooftop Cinema Club at The Montablán. This classic old Hollywood theater 🎭 is packed with charm, detail and has more in store than what first meets the eye. Right around the corner from the entrance of the theater you’ll find the stairwell leading to all of your movie-going dreams. You’ll go All-The-Way-Up 🤩 following the staircase that’s peppered with old Hollywood character, filled with painted murals and famous Hollywood quotes on the walls. Keep going until you’re greeted by the magical Hollywood skyline and the best rooftop movie location in Hollywood !!   

Walking in, you feel the super cool and hip outdoor cinema vibes complete with a sunset view ! ❤️🌅 Hello, Spring Fling Date Nights with your hunny or for a new take on girls night out!! Make sure you arrive early as The Montablán has it all, Food (Umami Burger), Bar (you had us at Hello) & the Box Office (with popcorn, blankets & headphones). There are tables to have dinner, catch the sunset, and enjoy some fun and relaxation before your movie starts! And of course- don’t forget to snap a few dozen selfies with your babe or besties- this location has some serious photo worthy selfies spots. 💁🏼‍♀️ 

Don’t worry babes even though you’re in the heart of Hollywood with the city bustling below, this won’t distract you during your movie. State-of-the-art wireless headphones 🎧 are worn so you can live right in those memorable cinematic moments, and not get disturbed by the city sounds or your chatty neighbors 🤫😂. We can rejoice with peace & quiet Movie Bliss 🎥🍿🎧!! 

We love the comfy deckchairs with adjustable seat heights and plenty of leg room, meaning you can lean back and breathe in those cinematic city views under the Hollywood Sign.✨ “The Love Seats” are perfect for those date nights with your bae and are enough room for two people to snuggle up with a cozy blanket. When booking your tickets, if you’re a popcorn 🍿 lover like us go with the bottomless option (it’s seriously noteworthy popcorn too) !!  

Not in Hollywood? Don’t stress babes, The Rooftop Cinema Club also has locations in Downtown LA, San Diego, New York, Miami and London. Here is a quick breakdown of the two Los Angeles based Rooftop Movie Experiences: 

DTLA is located at Level. The Rooftop Experience is open 90 minutes before your film starts. You must be 18 to attend this venue. Valet parking is on site at $15 plus tax. Nearby parking is also available off site. Babes, please note that due to licensing restrictions no liquor is served at this venue. 

The Hollywood location is at The Montablán. The Rooftop Bar is open from 6pm Tues – Sat, serving drinks until 11pm! This location is 18 plus only and you must be 21+ to drink alcohol. At this location it’s stairs only, but the view is worth it! Guests are able to park locally for $10 to the right of the theatre, or there is also a $5 option just one block away from The Montablán

Rooftop Cinema Club with your classic movies, amazing food, tasty cocktails and personalized outdoor movie viewing experience, you earn our smooch of approval 💋 !!  

LoveLustTips: 1. Check out all of Rooftop Cinema Club’s locations including San Diego, New York, London, Miami & our beloved Los Angeles (Hollywood & Downtown LA). 2. Rooftop Cinema Club is open April though October in Los Angeles. 3. Umami Burger closes when the movie starts so give yourself time before to order & eat 😋🍔 4. Blankets & Headphones 🎧 are at checkin at the rooftop box office 5. Unlimited popcorn 🍿 usually closes an hour into the movie, so get it early and refill, refill, refill ! 6. The Bar stays open all night 🥂 7. The restrooms are on the ground level so make sure to stop in before making your journey to the roof deck 🙌🏼 

Current LA Movie Experience Prices*- Lounge Seat- $17 Lounge Seat with Bottomless Popcorn 🍿- $20 Love Seat for Two with Bottomless Popcorn 🍿(for those extra special date nights)- $ 24 each (must buy two tickets) *Prices & Packages May Vary 

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