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LoveLusty Saturday’s at Katana

Girls Night? We are heating things up this weekend the only way we know how, with the girls we love and some lusty girl talk. It was just our Birthdays and we n e e d e d this time with our galpals to catch up!! That’s right baes, it’s a lovelust ladies night 😘  

Right in the heart of West Hollywood under the shimmering lights of the hills lies one of our favorite go-to Japanese spots, Katana. Katana’s location is P R I M E. Located on Sunset Blvd directly across from the oh-so lust-worthy Mondrian hotel and right next to the World Famous Comedy Store sits this the lusty locale, AND no need to stress about parking, because they have valet right in the building- we L O V E that. Especially when we’re wearing heels- for our male readers- do take note- us ladies always appreciate short walks in our stilettos 👠 although long walks on the beach 🤣🌊 We absolutely looove the sultry vibes that wash over you upon walking into Katana, that’ll have feeling like you’re one of the A-Listers quicker than you can say “Saki please”. Next! We were guided outside by a sexy staff member to our plush patio seating area. Comfy couches & heat lamps pepper the outdoor dining area which overlooks a breathtaking view of the city; you’re immediately filled with a sense of relaxation, and that yes, you have indeed arrived in LaLaLand. We love Katana’s size, yes size does matter in this case😉 because it means options, and we love options. From the sushi bar, to the robata bar and sunset room, to the plush patio for those who love dining al fresco like us, Katana has a little something for every mood, and we haven’t even gotten to the food yet 😘 Once our girls arrived, adding some extra fire to the already hot hot hot atmosphere, we were ready to order. Bring on the saki, red wine, and sushi rolls! And that they did. We also love Katana’s sexy “Omakase” option meaning “we trust you”. This is perfect for those nights you just want to dive into juicy gossip and don’t want to have to decide what to eat- and who knows what’s better than Katana themselves. From the “Prisoner” red wine, to the freshest spicy tuna roll, and even a mouth watering lobster roll, and we can’t forget the delectable desserts, Heidi went with the melt in your mouth Mochi 🍨 😛 to the vibes & view Katana you not only earned our smooch of approval you also earned our trust ♥️💋🌹 XO LoveLustLA 💋💋💋 

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