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Kickin’ it with Kaira Active

Hi Babes! As you guys know, we spend a lot of time in our workout clothes trying out new studios around LA and staying active, it’s part of our daily healthy lifestyle. And of course… running errands in, and lounging in... our yoga pants- because well- we are a part of the millennial generation 😅👯‍♀️ We are always on the hunt for breathable comfortable and flattering athletic wear, And as of recently we also look out for eco-conscious, sustainable clothing as well because, well, as stated, we are a part of the millennial generation and it is our responsibility to contribute to saving our planet for our future generations. 💙 Health and wellness is not only related to our insides as well as our physical bodies but, it also relates to the quality of the environment and world around us. We enjoy finding small ways that we can help because all of each of our small ways add up to big! In steps Kaira Active! When we first met the founder of Kaira Active we absolutely loved her story of how she created the line. But if we’re being honest, before we learned about the story behind the creation, we were able to try on the pieces, and we fell in love instantly because they feel like absolute butter on your skin, they are so lightweight and breathable and also super flattering. 💁🏼‍♀️ We could hardly believe when she told us that each item is actually made out of recycled fishnet and plastic that is collected from our oceans. 🙌🏻🐠🌊🐳🐬🐡 Kaira Active has partnered with the non-profit organization Healthy Seas which helps to recover the plethora of plastic pollution that is aligning our oceans that unfortunately leads to deaths of many of our favorite beloved marine life.  Thank you Healthy Seas ! You have our hearts! 💙This ultra-comfy fabric is also quick drying and anti-microbial, which is great for those hot yoga classes that we love. 🙏🏻 Kaira Active has put together a beautiful Kick Starter Campaign that you can check out here that showcases a complete video of their mission. Kaira Active with your thoughtful and proactive approach to creating clothing, your comfortable and quality pieces, and your contribution to saving our planet you get our LoveLust Smooch of approval! 💋💋💋 

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